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What Our Members Say About Us

"My children have been with Ultimate Karate and Fitness for 9 years. I have looked into multiple martial arts schools, and this was the only school I was impressed with the quality of teaching. I saw my children develop self-discipline, confidence, and control. You see, one son was a bit of a troublemaker in pre-school. Nothing serious, but enough to make the teacher call for parent-teacher  conferences two weeks in the beginning of the school year! After six months of karate, he was much more focused and, to the teacher's relief, started transitioning into a student leader. Ultimate Karate and Fitness has been a second family to us. It is more than a karate school. It is a place  we trust to assist with the development of our children. Our kids are both junior black belts with multiple national, regional, and state championships. They show remarkable patience, poise, and confidence that belie their age, because Ultimate Karate and Fitness has entrusted them with assistant teaching responsibilities for younger kids under adult supervision. So, if you are looking for a school that gives personalized attention to students, where all the instructors are U.S. National Champion winners, and the main instructor, Shihan (Grand Master) Sean Lamei is a U.S. Karate Hall of Fame inductee and Coach of the Year Award recipient, then look no further than Ultimate Karate and Fitness."


-Paul Mena, Parent

"My son has been going to UKF for more than four years now.  Why, you may ask, have we stayed with this outfit for so long?  The answer is simple. UKF provides the best environment and program for kids to not only learn karate skills but to build character.  I have noticed the steady progress my son has made both off and at the dojo.  His social skills and discipline have also shown remarkable progress, partly due to the training at UKF. This is one place where I am very comfortable with the way kids are taught and supervised.  Training is serious, purposeful and fun. My son looks forward to going to classes and never needs to be reminded about the schedules. More than anything else, UKF provides a place where kids get to spend some fun times even when they are not training.  The extra-curricular programs like parents-night-out and summer camps are very popular with families. I will recommend UKF to any family looking for a good place for their kids to get karate training with "a difference". UKF is a TEN in my book."

-Innocent Ukabam, Parent

"Two years ago, I brought my 4 year old for the trial personal lesson. It was adorable and Sensei Melanie was amazing with him. As our time was winding down, students for the next class started entering the dojo. Two young black-belt brothers came in the door, walked directly toward me, looked me in the eye, and shook my hand (very firmly). I was SOLD! These boys have obviously grown into confident and caring young men with much respect for their dojo. I wanted my son to be just like that. Over the past couple of years, these two young black-belts have assisted in teaching some of my son's classes. I continue to see them given more responsibility by the Sensei. Likewise, I've seen my young son given responsibilities and is expected to be a leader of discipline in his classes. He's now six and a yellow belt. He's made amazing new friends, as have I, and I am glad to have found a community at this dojo that we love."


-Leslie Wylie, Parent

"I love Ultimate Karate and Fitness because it is such a great place to be. I always have a good time when I go for classes. Being a part of Ultimate Karate and Fitness has made me a stronger person and has made me better in many ways. I have been in the dojo for almost a year, and it has already become my second home. In the future, I just hope that the dojo stays the same and that we become the number one dojo ever!"

-Graciela Vera, Student


"I like the dojo because it's a good environment. The people there are very caring. The dojo is a homey place where I can go to feel better after a rough day. The teachers and students are always willing to help and give you new opportunities to do better. For me, the dojo has been a new experience for me. Before doing karate, I was a dancer, and this was a shift to something completely different. Here I get a good workout and it's helped me stay fit and healthy. I've been at Ultimate Karate and Fitness for almost a year, and I have enjoyed the experience so far. I plan on going up in the ranks and becoming a black belt. I also plan to go to tournaments and maybe eventually make it to nationals."

-Stella Vera, Student

"My ten year old son has been a student of  of Ultimate karate and Fitness for just over 4 years. I cannot say enough great things about the training, confidence, and care that he has received. I know for certain the instructors at Ultimate Karate and Fitness have helped him focus and strive for excellence in other areas of his life. My son is now a black belt and is expected to be a leader in class. This has really improved his self-confidence, self-discipline, and leadership skills. He respects everyone in his class, from white belt to the highest degree of black belt. Since starting karate, he has been state champion for three years!"

-Cindy Estrada, Parent

"My twin daughters started taking lessons at Ultimate Karate and Fitness three years ago. My husband and I felt that it would be good exercise for them, and they attended classes twice per week. After a month of training, my daughters decided that two classes per week were not enough, and asked that I take them five days a week. Since then, their strength, flexibility, behavior, and focus have increased dramatically. Before long, they asked to be trained to spar and perform in karate tournaments. Since that training started, they have always placed in either first or second in their division. My daughters' constant improvement is attributable to the outstanding staff at Ultimate Karate and Fitness. Their patience and understanding of each student's individual needs is their key to success. I have attended all of my daughters' classes for several years now and my husband started taking lessons as well!"

-Deona Payne, Parent

"Four years ago my son, aged 4, started at Ultimate Karate and Fitness. Since he has been going, his ability to focus in school and his self-discipline has continued to get better and better. UKF provides not only great exercise and self-defense, they also build each students character. Self-control, confidence, self-discipline, focus, perseverance, and respect are only a few of the ways kids can grow while attending classes at UKF. My son, now 8, will soon be testing for his solid brown belt. My daughter, now 6, started almost two years ago and I have seen the same positive growth with her as I did with her brother. Last September I decided to jump in. Being overweight, 38, and developing health issues by being overweight, I knew I needed to do something. Since starting I have lost over 30 pounds and two pants sizes. Along with the weight loss and improvements in my health, I have more confidence, patience, and less stress, and I feel empowered to take on whatever comes my way. Karate challenges my mind and body so I am never bored. this is the first activity I have ever been interested in enough to keep coming back to."

-Alicia Gandhi, Parent and Student

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