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Do You Want Your Child to be Healthy, Confident, Disciplined, and Strong in Body, Mind, and Spirit?

Did you know that karate can help your child with all of these things?

At Ultimate Karate and Fitness of Marietta, Georgia, we teach kids the fundamentals of karate as well as the values that are integral to martial arts training.


Through karate, kids can:


  • Learn effective self-defense
  • Improve their physical fitness
  • Boost their self-confidence
  • Gain self-control
  • Increase focus
  • Learn the value of treating others with respect
  • Develop perseverance
  • The importance of goal setting


And the best part? They get all of this in a fun, supportive environment. We believe that kids karate classes should be fun and exciting. Our instructors make sure that every child is participating and having a great time. By the time the class is over, you'll notice that your child has had a great workout and is already looking forward to the next class.


What can you expect? During every karate class, your child will take part in:


  • E​xciting, fast-paced drills
  • Self-defense training
  • Strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination training
  • Education about important martial arts values


Ultimate Karate and Fitness Martial Arts Academy of Marietta, Georgia, proudly welcomes boys and girls of all ages. No experience is required to enroll. So, even if your little one doesn't know the first thing about karate, that's okay. We're here to help. We make sure that all newcomers are comfortable from the very first steps they take into our dojo. Everyone feels welcomed and supported throughout their training.


Has your child already trained in the martial arts? We offer advanced kids karate programs too. No matter what skill level your child is, we can challenge them to be even better.


Call 678-560-4046 today to ask about our current enrollment details!

Tiger Cubs (Ages 2-3)


This class is a wonderful way for toddlers to start learning karate. At this age, children have a rich imagination and a strong desire to be less dependent on their care givers, but also have a hard time in a structured group environment. We begin teaching them basic motor skills like stretching, jumping and following as well as incorporating listening skills, following directions, sharing, patience and respect. We recommend one parent or guardian to be present on or beside the mat with the child in this class. This class is offered 1 day per week. Check out our schedule and get your child signed up TODAY! Space is limited.

Tiny Tigers (Ages 4-5)


Conducted like a traditional karate class but with a fun flare, we instill the values of  respect,                 discipline, self control, and goal setting by using belt promotions to keep our students motivated. This is a  fun way to prepare them for the beginner kids karate class through drills to increasing their balance, flexibility, and coordination. We realize that children this age can get bored easily, so we have developed a program that will keep them stimulated and engaged with a lot of variety


Come check out a class TODAY!

Beginner & Novice (Ages 6-12)


In addition to developing physical fitness, self-defense, and safety skills, our Beginner Program also helps your child build confidence, focus, and respect for oneself and others. Studies have shown that children who learn karate often show significant improvement in concentration and self-discipline - both in school and at home. It is also one of the few sports in which there are no benchwarmers; every child can fully participate at their own pace. Students will learn the basic techniques and stances that will strengthen and prepare the body for the more difficult techniques ahead. From the first day of class, values of respect, courtesy, and discipline are instilled in every student. Instructors provide training that is interesting and challenging, while reinforcing these important values. Important achievements are marked by a progressive system that rewards them for meeting their goals.

Intermediate & Advanced


At this level, the students will be further challenged with technical ability through advanced kumite (sparring) combinations and forms. This class will further develop each student's understanding of the art of karate. With every class they will feel stronger physically and mentally.

Private Lessons!


You can choose between 30 minute or 1 hour sessions. For existing students, these lessons are a great way to fine tune right before a belt testing or to get back into your groove after an extended time off. For people wanting to enjoy the benefits of karate but cannot come during our regularly scheduled classes, these are the perfect fit for you. Discounts are available for a 10 session package!


Call 678-560-4046 today to schedule your lesson!

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